About us

On a picturesque Mother's Day afternoon in Chicago, our founder, Charlotte, received a touching personalized necklace from her son, Ethan, along with a card inscribed with a deeply meaningful message to express his gratitude for her endless love and guidance. The necklace, adorned with a charming pendant and the words "Forever grateful," became a constant reminder of the special bond they shared. This thoughtful gift ignited Charlotte's passion for creating jewelry with meaningful messages that celebrate life's most meaningful connections.

JWshinee took shape in a bustling workshop in Chicago, where Charlotte gathered a team of dedicated artisans and designers who shared her vision of crafting personalized jewelry with accompanying heartfelt messages that embrace life's most cherished moments. Each expertly designed piece captures the essence of love between family members, the bond between friends, or the personal accomplishments that define our journeys.

Now, JWshinee is renowned for creating exceptional, personalized jewelry with meaningful messages that reflect the connections and individuality that make each person unique. We're honored to be part of your journey, and whether you're marking an engagement in Boston or a wedding in Austin, JWshinee helps you forge lasting memories with those who matter most.