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Revealing 5 experiences golden when choosing gift for mom

Being the one who carries the burden of giving birth, taking care and following each step of growing up. Mother has a very important role in everyone's life. Show affection, respect and love to your great woman on special occasions. If you are wondering how to buy a meaningful gift for your mother. Let Shinee help you choose the right gift for your mother through the article below!

Meaning of giving gift to mom

It is not clear when the formation of the gift-giving ritual began, I just know that gift-giving has become very popular these days. Gift giving has many different meanings and purposes. Some people give gifts to show their appreciation, fondly, to build relationships, Or maybe it's to rely on something...

People often give each other gifts on Wedding, Holiday, Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, ... or whenever you want. In particular, giving gifts to mothers carries a great meaning. Therefore, giving a gift to your mother is an expression of deep gratitude and love to the greatest woman in your life.

Sometimes, giving a gift to a mother is an expression of a child's maturity. When receiving a gift from you, your mother will think that you have grown up and know how to earn money to repay your parents; thought and loved her mother.

5 golden experiences when choosing gift for mom

Choose gifts according to mom's preferences

To choose a meaningful gift, the first thing to do is to rely on your mother's preferences. This is very meaningful. Because, the gift shows that you understand your mother, how much you care. Only those who really care and pay attention know what mom likes.

For example, if your mother loves to cook, give your mother quality kitchen tools. If the house is already full of utensils, give her a cookbook.

Choose a gift for mom according to your needs

Most mothers have the mentality of saving money. Therefore, Mom often likes highly functional items, suitable for use. At the mother's age, need facial care, health so please prioritize these items. For example, lotions, tonics, exercise equipment, necklace jewelry, etc.

Buy gifts for mom by age

This is a very important factor. Age determines a lot of factors such as preferences, health status, skin tone, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to base on the mother's age to buy the right one. For example, if you want to give your mother a dress, you cannot choose too young designs.

Give good gifts for mom's health

At the age of the mother, Healthy gifts will surely be very popular with parents. Especially the heating bag, heating lamp, massage machine, or functional foods to supplement nutrition for mothers. However, you need to pay attention to the brand. Does the product have good reviews? Is it quality tested and certified? Don't choose the wrong product because of the price. On the contrary, it affects the mother's health!

Choose a meaningful gift for mom that fits your budget

This is the deciding factor for your gift. You need to know how to choose your own strength, What is your financial ability to choose a meaningful gift? most affordable. Mom will not be happy if you have to spend a lot of money on gifts for her!

Revealing a meaningful gift for mom that makes her the happiest

Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for mom

Fresh flower

Any woman loves fresh flowers. To choose what kind of flowers to give your mother, you need to base on the meaning of each flower and your mother's preferences. Here are some meaningful flowers that you can refer to:

- Rose: my love for my mother. There are many types of roses that you can choose from. Should prefer red, light pink roses. 

- Carnation: express gratitude, admire, Respect dear mother.

- Lilies: The lily symbolizes the happiness and virtue of women. This flower is very popular with mothers because of its special attractive scent.


Send Mom some joy this year with Mother’s Day chocolate. When mom receives this gift, it is sure to bring a smile on her face. and Mother's Day deluxe chocolate gift is sure to make mom feel truly special and appreciated. Nothing says “I love you, Mom” like Mother's day chocolates. When she receives chocolates on Mother's Day it is sure to make her day happy, sweet and tasteful.


Give mom a necklaces are a great way to create a gift that's both practical and meaningful. Team up with your siblings or friends to give your mother multiple charms and a gift she will cherish for years. Charm necklaces are also fantastic because you can give Mom a new charm for her birthday and another for next Mother’s Day and so on, giving her a present that just grows and grows.

The most meaningful message for mom

Don't forget to say congratulations to your mother as well. You can write on the card the wishes for your mother. Or choose gifts with ready-made cards with meaningful messages suitable for the purpose and situation you want to give your mother. The most meaningful wishes are words from the heart in your own thoughts and hearts. 

Through this, JW Shinee hopes you have chosen a really meaningful gift for your mother. Gifts that are too sincere are the most meaningful gifts, It doesn't matter how much it's worth. Especially that gift is suitable for your mother.